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NeoClassic Music School's Students Won Trophies at RSL Awards in Miri


 July 21st, 2016  |  05:34 AM  |   1511 views



NeoClassic Music School's students won trophies and certificates at the recent Rock School Limited (RSL) Awards in Miri.


Although the students were unable to personally come to Miri, the school's teachers collected the awards on their behalf.


RSL is a leading international music and performance arts exams board based in London, United Kingdom.


The Rock Star Award is given to students who have achieved the highest score for their grade level and instrument within the country.


In Brunei Darussalam, the Rock Star Award was given to the following NeoClassic Music School students: Son Honn Wee (Grade 6 Drunk), Shane Lim Kai Hearn (Grade 5 Drums), Muhd Aizat bin Kamal Hisham (Grade 4 Guitar), SonHonn Wee (Grade 3 Guitar), Zhi En Hon (Grade 1 Drums), Son Khai Shenn (Grade 1 Guitar) and Kwang Wei Long (Debut Drums).


The Rock Player Award is given to students who have achieved the second highest scores for their particular grade level and instrument throughout the country.


In Brunei Darussalam, the Rock Player award was given to the following NeoClassic Music School students: Basil Lim MM Yi (Grade 5 Drums), Ryan Chua Hong Ming (Grade 2 Drums), Abdul Mateen Montree bin Muhammad (Grade 1 Guitar) and Kushag Rai (Grade 1 Drums).


Certificates for the Singing Examination were also received by the teachers on behalf of the following students: Alexandra Florence Norris (Grade 5 Distinction), Nayumi binti Muhd Reduan (Grade 5 Distinction); Siti Sr Batrisyia binti Md Haji Junaidi (Grade 5 Merit), Christopher Ong Wen Xiang (Grade 5 Passed), Cheryl Teo Shing Yyn (Grade 3 Distinction), Jolie Lim (Grade 3 Merit), Khushi Manish Punjabi (Grade 1 Merit), Krish Munish Punjabi (Grade 3 Merit), Nicholle Tang Ning Chloe (Grade 3 Merit), Wong Shin Ling (Grade 5 Distinction) and William Brien (Grade 5 Distinction).


According to the school's principal, Sharon Jusay, "The teachers and students have worked hard and smart to achieve such pleasing results. I am very proud of what they have achieved.


"The parents have also provided wonderful support and encouragement to their children."




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