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The prayer times for Brunei-Muara and Temburong districts. For Tutong add 1 minute and for Belait add 3 minutes.


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Our website www.brudirect.com is the No.1 News Website and the largest online media information tool, and a pioneer in the field of online media in Brunei Darussalam.


It is an independent Internet web site designed to collate all news and business information on Brunei into an instant single guide to enable easy access for everyone.


Our daily news is updated at least twice daily to give current information on the latest events in Brunei and we are continuously gaining on wider audience.


We also serve Brunei Association of Banks rates immediately as they are announced.


And there are a host of other updates on sports, entertainment, technology, health and lifestyle, movies, tides, and airline schedules, on our site and what is more we are constantly compiling our site and we are adding on to provide a more full service to our customers.


To put it concisely, BruDirect.com will continue to grow to benefit not only the business community in Brunei but also everyone in the country by bringing instant information, which is a major force in the current world today.


Our website, BruDirect.com, has also serve as an advance-marketing tool because Brunei's increasing numerous businessmen and students locally and overseas and others finding the best source of speedy news and information from home.





BruDirect.com began by our Founder, Late Mr Ignatius Stephen starting it as a one-man show back in April 1999. Since then it has become one of sultanate's biggest success story.


BruDirect.com employees are professionally trained and highly motivated team headed by our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, and the number is growing as more features are added on to this ever-evolving Internet news site.


We have various departments such as IT, Editorial, Administration, Sale and Marketing, and Account.


From beginning of 2003 we began to operate on a 24-hour basis aimed to provide even better service to our viewers and supporters.


At the beginning, needless to say, hardly any viewers. But as things developed and as the site kept going relentlessly on a day in and day out basis and with word of mouth it was crowned with eventual success.


To date an average about 150,000 to 250,000 visits per day and we have successfully emerged BruDirect.com as Brunei's No. 1 news website.


We soon become financially independent mainly because of the hard work and dedication of our staff and because of the support we have received from captains of Brunei's industry like yourself.


We see a bright future and success because we are in the midst of a revolution that values instant communication to the community in Brunei and worldwide, through Internet.