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Palace Denies Compromise Deal With Marcoses


 January 2nd, 2018  |  11:51 AM  |   1527 views



Malacanang denied that it had entered into a compromise agreement with the Marcos family to facilitate the return of their ill-gotten wealth to the government.


Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque clarified that while it is true that a draft compromise deal was indeed submitted by Marcos lawyer Oliver Lozana to Malacañang, they have not acted on it. A copy of the supposed compromise agreement was floated in social media sites.


“There is no truth to the allegation that the government has reached a compromise agreement with the family of the late President Ferdinand Marcos,” Roque said Monday evening.


“Atty. Oliver Lozano may have written to Malacañang proposing the creation of a legal team that would study a compromise agreement with the Marcos family. The proposal, however, has not been acted and agreed upon by the Palace,” he added.


Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo, in a statement, also confirmed that his office has received Lozano’s proposal but denied that a deal has been made already.


“Nope [there’s no deal]. He submitted a draft, apparently he drafted. He wrote our office and attached that draft,” Panelo said.


“The document was sent to the office by Atty Oliver Lozano. Our office, as a matter of courtesy and policy, acknowledges receipt of any letter coming from any citizen. No action has been taken on Atty. Lozano’s proposal,” he added.


According to Panelo, his office has received many proposals from Lozano.


“He has been submitting a lot of proposals and suggestions. Our office just acknowledges receipt of the same and thanks him for his suggestions,” Panelo said.


Last September, Duterte revealed that he accepted the Marcos’ family’s offer to return their wealth to the Philippine government to finally lay the issue to rest.


“It’s finally time these things be finally accepted. I accepted lang na gusto na nilang makipag-areglo sa gobyerno para matapos na ang kaso (I accepted that they want to settle to finally lay the issue to rest),” Duterte had said.


The Marcos family reportedly explained to Duterte that they kept the wealth supposedly because they were planning to return to Malacañang anyway.


Duterte said he accepted the explanation, whether it is true or not, because there is really nothing more to it anymore.


However, Duterte said he is leaving it up to the government to decide on how to reacquire the wealth and if it would still pursue further cases against the Marcoses.


Roque, in a statement, reiterated that the Palace will leave it to Congress to decide on how to proceed with reacquiring the wealth.


Duterte earlier hinted that the Marcoses can seek immunity once they return the wealth in order to avoid possible legal consequences or even arrest.


“The Executive, as we all know, recognizes the separation of powers and independence of Congress. We leave the matter to the House of Representatives to discuss and deliberate,” Roque said.




by Argyll Cyrus B. Geducos


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