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Acting Regional Secretary: Untag Can Print National Leaders


 September 28th, 2022  |  13:42 PM  |   499 views



SAMARINDA, KN – Acting Regional Secretary (Pj Sekda) of East Kalimantan Province, Riza Indra Riadi representing the Governor of East Kalimantan, attended the commemoration of the 59th Anniversary of the University of 17 August 1945 (Untag) Samarinda with the theme “The Capital of the Archipelago (IKN) as a Representation of the Concept of National Unity Towards a Prosperous, Advanced, Resilient and Sustainable Indonesia”.


The 59th Anniversary of Untag Samarinda which was held at the Auditorium of HM Ardans Untag Campus Jalan Juanda, Samarinda, Tuesday (27/9/2022), was also attended by the Chancellor of Untag Samarinda Dr Marjoni Rachman along with the Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty, Chair of the Education Foundation August 17, 1945 Samarinda Dayang Donna Faroek, Head of LL Dikti Region XI Kalimantan Dr Muhammad Akbar, and the Untag Samarinda academic community.


Starting his speech, the Acting Secretary of the East Kalimantan Province, Riza Indra Riadi, expressed his gratitude and joy for the commemoration of the 59th Anniversary of Untag Samarinda.


“On behalf of the government and the people of East Kalimantan Province, I wish you a happy celebration of the 59th anniversary of Untag Samarinda. Hopefully this momentum will make Utag 1945 more advanced and achieve achievements that make us all proud," said Riza.


East Kalimantan, Riza continued, is a miniature of Indonesia, because East Kalimantan has many tribes, religions, races and groups that live in peace side by side with each other in social life. As a province that has been designated as the capital of a new nation, the Capital of the Archipelago, of course there are challenges and tough tasks on the shoulders of all stakeholders along with the community to play a more active role in development.


“IKN will certainly have various very significant economic impacts for Indonesia and East Kalimantan. In the short term or the construction period, it will encourage the economy through infrastructure investment, encourage trade between regions of Indonesia, encourage output from other sectors, encourage job creation and increase economic growth.” Obviously.


East Kalimantan's development policy, Riza emphasized, is very clear that the answer to the future must be with the development of human resources (HR), namely improving the quality of the education sector, especially in higher education that is better, superior, qualified and has global competitiveness.


“Untag 1945 and all academics have a big role and contribution. What must continue to be encouraged and maximized, so as to be able to produce leaders, development actors for the progress, welfare and prosperity of the nation," he concluded.


On this occasion, Deputy Head of the IKN Authority Agency Dhony Rahajoe was asked to deliver a scientific oration entitled "The Capital of the Archipelago (IKN) as a Representation of the Concept of National Unity Towards a Prosperous, Advanced, Resilient and Sustainable Indonesia". (her/yans/adpimprovkaltim)




by Dian Andi Suryatija


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