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'My Dog Found An Arm In The Woods - I Thought I Was Going Down For Murder'

The woman got the surprise of her life when her dog came out the woods with an arm in her mouth (Image: Getty Images | iStockphoto)


 September 28th, 2022  |  13:08 PM  |   265 views



When walking your dog through the woods, you expect them to come out with muddy paws at the very worst. But one woman got the 'shock of her life' after her dog came bounding out the woods with a mannequin arm proudly hanging out her mouth.


Not knowing whether it was a real arm or plastic, the dog owner tried to stay calm while telling her dog to drop her new 'toy', which she was now running around with. Speaking to Reddit about the ordeal, she said: "We were hiking and she found a mannequin arm in the middle of the woods.


"A dirty, broken, scraped up arm, that did not immediately look like a mannequin arm. And she was so proud, the kind of proud normally reserved for raw hides, bones and things she should really not have in her mouth.


"Have you ever tried to fake being calm and sweet and not lose your mind to get your dog to let go of a corpse arm without touching it? I have.


"On the upside, when I inevitably did have to touch it to get it out of her mouth, I immediately realized it wasn't dead flesh and I wasn't going to implicate myself as the only suspect in a murder/dismembering."


While most users couldn't help but laugh at her dog's antics, others shared their own experiences of their dogs surprising them with things they found on walks.


One user said: "Your dog wanted thumbs. How dare you steal their very lovely dismembered arm.


"I had a kind of occasion, but in reverse, where I thought my dog had a ball in her mouth, and I grabbed it happily, but it was a rotting chipmunk head I think a cat had got."


Another user added: "Just the other day my dog found a whole rotisserie chicken. Thankfully she only got a small nibble in before I told her to leave it."


A third user said: "I used to walk my pack in the very early morning when it was still dark. I saw Freddie grab something out of the road. I asked him to show me and pulled a £20 out of his mouth. We ended up finding three more! Best walk ever."


One user said: "Our girl found half of a breakfast burrito in some groundcover in a parking lot island. She checks that spot frequently, just in case other tasty treats are lying in wait."



courtesy of MIRROR

by Paige Freshwater, Content Editor


If you have any stories or news that you would like to share with the global online community, please feel free to share it with us by contacting us directly at [email protected]


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