Asri Is Right, Compulsion To Convert Is Abhorrent

  • Written by Malaysiakini
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sea malaysiaYOURSAY 'Surprisingly, religious authorities here do not care, they just want to see more Muslims and are not concerned whether these are genuine ones.'

Watchtower: Religion cannot be forced on someone. How can the parents admit their children to the Islamic faith when the children cannot understand what they are being subject to?

It is the duty of the parents to teach their children in the way of the parents' faiths, and let the final decision to embrace any faith be left to the children when they come of age.

Yes, former Perlis mufti Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin, you have said it rightly and justly.

Jbguy: Compulsion to convert is abhorrent. No religion will compel someone to embrace its teachings or practice for this will not bring true belief.

Single parents who convert to win custody of their children are not true Muslims. Surprisingly, religious authorities here do not care, they just want to see more Muslims and are not concerned whether these are genuine ones.

FairGame: Religion is all about an individual's beliefs and faith. What is the purpose of one professing a certain religion, but deep down is a corrupt crook or murderer?

Again, the feeling here is that Umno is trying to create this issue to divide the rakyat. How else are they to rule when Malaysians are united and can see through their dirty tactics?

Orphans: Why this compulsion for children? I am very surprised.

Once the children reach 18, they will learn from the world what is happening and can decide for themselves which is the best religion for themselves.

The most important thing is to take care all human beings without looking at their religion.

Sad Malaysian: I agree. Human beings cannot be forced into religion. They may submit to you for a while but later they will leave the faith, or worse, give a bad image to the religion.

My4hope: While nations worldwide are striving hard to find solutions to improve their economy in view of tough challenges ahead, our government has been the source of many agendas to further sabotage and sap the nation's strength.

How are we able to tackle these imminent crises as so much energy is being wasted on such forever divisive issues?

AngryBird: As long as Umno remains in power, one can expect more of such things to happen in future.

Karpal: Federal Court ruling grammatically wrong

Odin: DAP chairperson Karpal Singh is absolutely right. The phrase "shall be decided by his parent" is indeed grammatically wrong, unless the word "parent" has been previously described or defined to mean "father" (or "mother").

If the person who drafted the article had meant only one of the parents (obviously it is two), he would have written "shall be decided by either one of the parents"; and if he had meant the father (or mother), he would have written "shall be decided by the father (or mother)".

Mr KJ John: If the actual wording is as shown in the report - i.e. ‘his parent' - then this translation also only applies to ‘boys' and not to ‘girls'. Or, is there a definitions section for the constitution, where these generic words are clarified?

Angelababy: In the federal constitution, singular includes plural and vice-versa in the same way that the male gender is to include female.

Otherwise if given literal interpretation, then it would mean only males are affected by article 12(4) since it states "his" only.

Pro Bono: Section 4 of the Interpretation Acts 1948 and 1967 states that in any "written law" (including the constitution) words in the singular include the plural. So the singular "parent" will include the plural "parents". Karpal can justify his view on this section.

Touche: What are we to expect from Umnoputras and their judges? Simple English and yet they cannot interpret and understand.

"His" in the constitution is obviously generic and "parent" means plural. Otherwise this clause is not equitable, as by the same logic it would not apply to girls since it refers only "his".

The spirit of the constitution says we must be fair to both sexes.

Anak, Bangsa, Malaysia: It is not just grammatically wrong, but foolish for a Federal Court judge to err drastically like this.

I strongly believe that a judge must also use the arm of logic so that in all fairness, the ruling is just to all parties concerned.

Now the grammatical error has thrown the judgment and the law into disarray, including the judge himself.


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