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Penguins Accidentally Take Incredible Selfie After Knocking Camera Over

What’s this? (Picture: Australian Antarctic Division)


 March 12th, 2018  |  10:56 AM  |   268 views



There isn’t a whole lot to do for the penguins on the ice-fields of the Antarctic.


But two Emperor Penguins found some light entertainment in the form of a miniature camera put there by scientists.


The footage of the vain birds was captured by Australian Antarctic expeditioner Eddie Gault who said: ‘It didn’t take long for the naturally curious birds to seize the opportunity for a selfie.’


One of the curious birds knocked the camera over with its feet and was soon joined by another friend who joined in with the selfie extravaganza.


It gives viewers a chance to see what their prey might see before they become the day’s dinner.



In the footage, the penguins adorably twist their head sideways, trying to figure out what the camera is before shaking their heads in confusion.


Emperor penguins are the largest of species, and can stand as tall as 45 inches when fully grown.


They can live for up to 20 years in the wild and an adult male can weight up to 88lbs (40kg).


Thankfully, as the camera was already rolling, Mr Gault may be able to avoid the legal complications that arose from the infamous ‘monkey selfie’, reports the Washington Post.


In 2015, nature photographer David Slater was sued by PETA on behalf of a monkey who took a selfie on his camera, seeking financial control of the image for the benefit of the macaque monkey.


In the settlement, Mr Slater agreed to 25% of the profits made from the photo would go to charities dedicated to protecting crested macaques in Indonesia.



courtesy of METRO

by Kate Buck


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