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Man Given Parking Fine Because His Permit Was Hidden By Snow

Olive Claxton’s car was covered by snow so the permit wasn’t visible in his windscreen (Picture: Raymonds)


 February 9th, 2018  |  11:15 AM  |   640 views



In the news of the utter ridiculous, a motorist has received a £70 parking fine because his permit was hidden by snow.


Oliver Claxton, from Chester Green, Derby, was in London for the day when it started snowing back at home.


Unfortunately, and most irresponsibly, he didn’t put heaters underneath his parking permit, failed to pay someone to keep the snow clear from his windscreen and didn’t use his magical powers to prevent the snow from falling on his car.


So a worker from Derby City Council put a parking ticket on the driver’s window.


He told the BBC, where he works: ‘I thought it was odd because if I wasn’t displaying it I would have got a parking ticket every day because I had left my car there while I was in London.


‘I was thinking what could it possibly be that meant they couldn’t see the permit on this particular day?


‘When you go on the website they have the photographs they took and the reason the permit wasn’t visible was because it had snowed overnight and the windscreen was covered in snow. I just laughed. It was ridiculous.’


He added that if they had swept the snow away, they would have seen the permit.



courtesy of METRO

by Richard Hartley-Parkinson


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