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Burst Pipe In Tampines; Repair Works To Continue Late Into Christmas Day

Repair works for a burst pipe along Tampines Ave 4, which saw water sprouting up to a height of about 3 metres, will continue on through most of Christmas Day. Photo: John Lee


 December 26th, 2017  |  10:33 AM  |   1684 views



Repair works for a burst pipe along Tampines Ave 4, which saw water sprouting up to a height of about 3 metres, will continue on through most of Christmas Day, and is expected to be completed by Monday (Dec 25) evening.


According to the PUB, its water sensor system detected a leak on a pipe at Tampines Ave 4 at about 5.30am on Monday morning. The field team was then “dispatched immediately” to assess the situation.


The leaking pipe was then isolated and the “leak stopped at about 8am”.


“Time was needed for our field officers to complete the necessary site investigations and ensure the adequacy of alternative feeds supplying water to the area before shutting the valves on the affected pipe,” said a PUB spokesperson.


In reply to TODAY’s queries, the PUB said that the leak was “traced to a 700mm diameter pipe supplying water to the Tampines area”.


“There was no disruption of water supply to our customers because there are alternative feeds built into the network serving the area,” said the PUB spokesperson.


During the incident, the PUB said that one out of the two lanes along Tampines Ave 4 was not passable.


To facilitate repair works, a section on “one lane of the 2-lane road (beside Junyuan Primary School towards Bedok Reservoir Road) is temporarily closed,” the PUB added.


In reply to TODAY's queries, PUB said the repair works were completed on Monday night as scheduled.


This is at least the fourth major pipe leak in recent months.


On Nov 3, the water supply at the Tampines bus interchange and the nearby East Link foodcourt was disrupted after a pipe at the nearby construction site began leaking. The pipe leak took place within the construction site at the junction of Tampines Ave 5 and Tampines Central 2.


On Oct 1, a water pipe burst near a car park in Bukit Batok East Ave 3, sending jets of water shooting up into the air.


A similar incident happened on Sept 26, when there was a pipe leak at the junction of Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 and Bukit Batok West Avenue 8.



courtesy of TODAY



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