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Friday Sermon


 September 2nd, 2017  |  09:55 AM  |   4837 views




Islam demands that its ummah or followers possess commendable attributes and not the opposite in order to achieve happiness and success in this world and the Hereafter.  Among the negative values despised by Islam is ria' (riak).   Ria' means 'showy or showing off'.  It happens when one shows off one's good deeds to gain the praise and respect of others to ultimately gain higher position or rank.  In other words a person who is ria' does not perform acts of worship or other good deeds in the name of Allah but to get the attention of other people.   Yesterdays Friday sermon focused on the said attribute.


According to the Imam or prayer leader, people usually become ria' or show off to seek fame and become so proud to the point of forgetting Allah the Almighty.  To avoid being ria', one must remember that people are merely Allah's creations and servants and the rewards or bounties they enjoy are only temporary gifts from Allah the Mighty Creator.   The prayer leaders advised that people should be grateful to God and be sincere in doing the acts of worship and good deeds.  They said purify the heart by remembering and fearing the power and greatness of the Almighty and never do anything for fame or praise because doing so will invite Allah's displeasure and anger.    




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