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Broken Dog Really Doesn’t Want To Leave The Park

The dog really didn’t want to leave the park so threw a tantrum (Picture: Kristen Bohlsen/Facebook)


 August 9th, 2017  |  09:51 AM  |   1981 views



When you’re a dog, there are two priorities in life. Who’s going to feed me and what time are walkies?


They don’t give a monkey’s who clears up their mess or whether they’ve got muddy paws when they jump on the sofa.


Walking and food are number 1 and A on their list of things to do today.


So when you try and deprive them of either of those things it’s little surprise that they might get a bit antsy.


A dog in Sydney, Australia, appeared to have a tantrum of his own when his owner decided it was time to leave the park.




He was being walked at Burleigh Hill on Queensland’s Gold Coast when he lay down in the middle of the path and refused to leave.


Initially his owner tries to coax him along by dragging him before letting him off the lead in front of a large crowd of people watching.


He then goes for the classic ‘walk away and he’ll follow’ move. It works and people are delighted.


Kirsten Bohlsen posted the footage calling it ‘The dog who REALLY wasn’t ready to leave just yet.’


Someone can be heard in the background saying ‘excuse me sir, you’re dog’s broken.’



courtesy of METRO

by Richard Hartley-Parkinson


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