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Rural Road In Dire Need Repairs

  • Written by Borneo Bulletin
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Tutong: Motorists who regularly use the Jalan Panchong Kuala Ungar road in Tutong have had to bear a rough ride every time they pass through the area as there are potholes everywhere. The rural road has been damaged and left unrepaired.

Previously, only two big potholes were found but now it appears that more are seen every 500 metres from the main road to the primary school in the area. If the road is left unrepaired, the potholes will surely get bigger, deeper and wider.

No small to saloon-size cars are able to pass through without falling into the potholes. To make matters worse, the road usually turns muddy after heavy rain. The damage is mostly caused by heavy trucks. In the past, such road conditions would get repaired by simply adding small rocks.

The villagers use this road to commute every day and it takes only five to eight minutes to reach the village from the main road. But now an alternate route has to be taken, which would take villagers at least 20 to 30 minutes to arrive at their destination.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin



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